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Honda Tohru
Age 16-17
Height 156.7cm
Weight 46kg
Bloodtype O
Sign Taurus

Sohma Kyou
Age 16-17
Height 171.3cm
Weight 54kg
Bloodtype A
Sign Capricorn
Animal Cat
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 Skin featuring Kyou and Tohru on the rooftop in episode four.  Skin featuring various scenes from the manga.

About Kyou & Tohru
Let's stay together, always

Sohma Kyou, cursed with the vengeful spirit of the Juunishi cat who was tricked by the mouse into missing God's banquet, is seemingly all violence, rudeness, and doesn't care about what other people think. Honda Tohru, on the other hand, just happened to stumble upon Sohma Shigure & Sohma Yuki's house — and is seemingly a pushover, willing to bend over backwards for other people.

Seemingly two very different people... and yet so right for each other. Kyou has been an outcast from the whole Sohma clan ever since he was a child, adopted only by Sohma Kazuma, both his foster father, friend, and teacher -- only a few select people tolerate his existence, and even fewer love and respect him. However, Tohru's friendship grows on him until he starts to care for her more and more, and Tohru learns to stand up for herself little by little, to start saying what she wants and needs.

But the spirit of the cat has another secret -- a secret that threatens not only their friendship but all the relationships of the people around them.

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