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 Skin featuring Kyou and Tohru on the rooftop in episode four.  Skin featuring various scenes from the manga.

About Awkward Gentleness
your awkward gentleness was so delightful

Awkward Gentleness is the only fanlisting officially approved by The Anime Fanlistings Network for the relationship between Sohma Kyou and Honda Tohru of the manga and anime Fruits Basket, by Takaya Natsuki.

A fanlisting aims to bring together people from all over the world who are fans of a certain subject. This fanlisting has been approved at the Relationships category of the TAFL Network since 19 January 2004. For more information about what a fanlisting is, please go to

The originaly name of this website was Let's Stay Together, Always, suggested by the wonderful Lenneth. I recently (as of September 2006) changed it into Awkward Gentleness as I feel it more aptly describes the quality of the relationship between Kyou and Tohru. ♥ The phrase is taken from Shadow's Fruits Basket translations of chapter 122.

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Fanlisting Awards

Awarded on 15 November 2004
 250 members - awarded on 15 november 2004

Awarded on 10 May 2005
 500 members - awarded on 10 may 2005

 1000 members - awarded on 12 December 2006

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