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Honda Tohru
Age 16-17
Height 156.7cm
Weight 46kg
Bloodtype O
Sign Taurus

Sohma Kyou
Age 16-17
Height 171.3cm
Weight 54kg
Bloodtype A
Sign Capricorn
Animal Cat
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 Skin featuring Kyou and Tohru on the rooftop in episode four.  Skin featuring various scenes from the manga.

About Honda Tohru
Honda-san, you're the riceball.

From Fruits-Basket.Com:

16-year-old Tohru Hondaís life seems to get stranger and stranger. After a string of tragic and bizarre circumstances, Tohru found herself working as a housekeeper for the Sohma family. Tohruís generous nature, sympathetic heart, and friendly manner are in stark contrast to the prevailing mood in the Sohma House. Her calm, caring compassion is obvious as she kindly puts everyone elseís needs above her own.

(More soon!)

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 Awkward Gentleness: the Sohma Kyou and Honda Tohru fanlisting