About Sohma Kyou

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Kyo spent months perfecting his martial arts skills desiring to finally defeat Yuki, a goal that consumes him like noting else. A member of the Sohma clan, Kyo too transforms into an animal—the cat. The difference is that the cat is left out of the Chinese Zodiac. He is foul tempered, brash, rough, and rude, but deep down some believe he is not as bad as he pretends to be.

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Honda Tohru
Age 16-17
Height 156.7cm
Weight 46kg
Bloodtype O
Sign Taurus

Sohma Kyou
Age 16-17
Height 171.3cm
Weight 54kg
Bloodtype A
Sign Capricorn
Animal Cat
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 Skin featuring Kyou and Tohru on the rooftop in episode four.  Skin featuring various scenes from the manga.